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Digital And Traditional Ortho-photography

When it comes to providing high resolution Ortho-photography, Landmark Survey shines through. A combination of the state-of-the art Ortho-photographic technologies, software and hardware packages, plus the best-in-class Ortho-photographic processes ensures that the quality, resolution, and accuracy of the Ortho-photos are of the highest standard. Talk about picture perfect, and you won't be wrong.

Do you know?

  • Ortho-photography deals with the production of an aerially obtained photograph that is ortho-rectified (geometrically corrected) to a uniform scale like that of a map.
  • Landmark provides full-complement ortho-photography services for your project, making us your one-stop-shop for your ortho-imagery needs.
  • This is a time and cost-effective mapping tool which will save you stress and money.
  • Planimetric corrections applied ensure that the ortho-photography is a true representation of natural and man-made features of the surface of the earth.
  • Ortho-photography provides more options such as the mapping of inaccessible areas.
  • Landmark Survey prides itself in producing precise and accurate measurement of features on its ortho-images that can be used to produce high quality readable maps without much hassle.

Our Ortho-Photography Process

An overview of the processes carried out by our team of experienced and qualified experts is broadly divided into the following five processes.

1. Image capture (Aerial Photography)

The first step in obtaining the desired results lies with the aerial photograph. Using man or unmanned aerial vehicles, an aerial photograph of the affected area is taken during optimal conditions using an advanced aerial camera equipped with Forward Motion Compensation. The result is a clear, sharp, high resolution image.

2. Ground Surveyed Control

Here horizontal and vertical terrestrial control is used to adjust the aerial photograph to determined ground coordinates and features. Our team of experts might sometimes use airborne GPS coordinates and analytic triangulation for the best result.

3. Scanning of the aerial negatives

The goal is to produce a raster image of the aerial photograph which will be used in the subsequent phase.

4. Production of the Digital Elevation model (DEM)

The aerial photograph is used to produce a model that represents the accurate elevation of the terrain.

5. Rectification

To produce an accurate image, the raster image of the aerial photograph is corrected using the DEM.

Top-notch Ortho-photography and orthophotos across all boards assured

By insisting on the best industry backed image processing software, high resolution aerial cameras, best photographic techniques, latest scanners, high-tech workstation, and superb output devices with proven competence, at Landmark Surveys, we've been able to meet the demands of even the most complex requirements and exceed the expectations of 1000+ clients.

Our Ortho-photography services include:

  • Digital and traditional Ortho-photography
  • Ortho-image Mosaics
  • Digital image Scanning & Geo-Referenced Images
  • Raster to Vector image Digitization
  • Digital & analog ortho-photography Services
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