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What type of survey do I need?

There are several types of surveys that we offer, ultimately, check with your township zoning officer and construction official to confirm.

New Construction:

The first step in the process, prior to architect and engineering plans being generated, a boundary and topographic survey will need to be completed. These type of survey show property lines, trees, elevations and any other existing conditions that are on the property. This in which will be submitted to your architect and engineer so that plans may be developed and submitted to the town.

Once the plans are approved by the town, zoning office, a house location survey with need to be completed; this will set the house location with the property and will be used as a guideline for the excavators to dig for the foundation.

Next a foundation location survey will need to be completed, this will need to be submitted to the township for approval so that building of the house can continue.

The last step in the process is an As-Built survey will need to be completed. This survey shows the completed location of the house, driveway and conditions of the property as a completed project. The town will require a copy of this document for final approval.

Existing Home Additions, where you're adding to the footprint of the original house may require similar surveys as listed above. Your local zoning officer, construction and architect will be able to assist you with what information your town requires.

Fences/In-ground Pools:

These types of property improvements usually require just a boundary survey, which shows existing conditions of the property, property lines, and the location of the household.

Flood Certificates:

A flood certificate is required when purchasing or selling a home that is located in a potential flood zone, which is dictated by FEMA. This certificate is also required when you request flood insurance with your insurance provider.



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